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All services and studies we offer are immediately interpreted by Dr. Scumpia.

What Makes Us Unique

Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology provides exceptional endocrine care under the direction of Dr. Scumpia.

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We specialize in comprehensive hormone assessment and treatment.


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Austin Thyroid
Austin Thyroid
Austin Thyroid
Dr. Scumpia - Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology

ABOUT Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology

Dr. Simona Scumpia, FACE FRCP FNLA, started Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology in 2002 as an integrated center for comprehensive endocrine care for the Austin community.  We specialize in comprehensive hormone assessment and treatment.

Dr Scumpia has been called a ”sleuth” in endocrinology and medicine because of her passion to find the root cause of a patient’s symptoms who came to her for a second or third opinion. She has been fortunate to have been trained in endocrinology starting with her first years in medical school and later has been taught and mentored by many prominent endocrinologists. Her dream was from the beginning to have an independent hormone Institute where the best available care can be offered. She acknowledges in a humble way to be part of the American dream and is offering her thanks every day for having been accepted by her beloved adoptive country, the United States of America.

This hormone Institute and Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology under the direction and passion of Dr. Scumpia are a homage to America and the American Dream, to Texas and to the Austin community.

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Austin Thyroid
Austin Thyroid