Anti-Aging and Biological Age

Dr. Scumpia has received specialized training in anti-aging and functional medicine.  She combines endocrinology, anti-aging, bioidentical hormones and individualized assessment to give you the best possible care. Dr. Scumpia provides diagnosis and therapeutic modalities to anti-aging, keeping up with the latest cutting-edge research in functional medicine.

  • Dr. Scumpia has followed Optimal Health and Biological Age for years, and offers a unique integrated approach. Our specialized equipment allows us to measure and evaluate your biological age, a composite of your brain age, bone age, skin age, heart age, and vessel age. We help you achieve your optimal health, a major factor in the quality of your life as you age.
  • Optimal Health and Biological Age are terms describing dealing with your health before disease prevention and treatment. These measures focus on health, not disease, and aim to help you improve the quality of your life as you age.
  • Optimal Health is the ideal, yet achievable health of your body as you reach middle age and beyond. Biological Age is a measure of how well your body functions compared to your actual calendar age.
  • Biological Age is an old concept, dating back to an idea by a 17th century physician that “You are as old as your arteries.” Today, we can measure the age of your arteries, and identify cholesterol plaque (atherosclerosis), the first warning sign for your future health. But we can measure much more: brain age, bone age, heart age, lung age, body composition, metabolism, stress levels, and many other previously unmeasurable parameters of your body. Together with biomarkers and advanced cholesterol testing, we then create a composite Biological Age profile that sets the foundation for the next step, achieving Optimal Health.
  • Optimal Health focuses on your health. Conventional medicine treats diseased and broken tissues and organs, and preventative medicine tries to identify early disease. Optimal Health steps in before prevention or treatment of disease. It identifies precursors of disease; it measures your body’s strengths and weaknesses, and creates an individualized health profile for you to optimize your health as you age.

Dr. Scumpia will conduct an in-depth initial consultation following the performance of the tests listed below. Dr. Scumpia will discuss your biological age with you, what your optimal health should be, and identify ways for you to achieve it.  You will receive a comprehensive copy of your results with interpretation and further recommendations with proper follow up.

Available testing:

  • brain age
  • heart and vessels age
  • lung age
  • carotid intima measurement for carotid age (CIMT)
  • bone mineral density and bone age
  • body composition
  • metabolism measurement
  • H Scan (12 different parameters measured)
  • stress level test
  • stress tests and VO2 max
  • hormone measurement (pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, gonads and various other organs)
  • nontraditional risk factors for heart disease
  • EKG (if not done in the last year)
  • biomarkers
  • genetic testing (methylation of folate and genetic cholesterol)
  • advanced cholesterol testing and assessment of your cardiovascular risk
  • Skin age
  • Telomere testing for possible longevity assessment


Can you prevent aging?

No, but you can slow down the aging process, and ensure optimal health and function.

Is there a “Fountain of Youth”?

We all wish for a Fountain of Youth! Unfortunately, most past treatments (including growth hormone or hormonal treatment in the absence of a firm diagnosis of hormone deficiency) have failed.

In fact, the best source for the Fountain of Youth is done through weight loss and maintaining ideal body weight.

Are bioidentical hormones safe to use?

“Bioidentical” and “human identical” are not the same! Some bioidentical hormones may be of animal or vegetable origin. It is important that patients who are treated with these hormones to be informed that hormones will attach to the same receptors regardless of their origins, and will produce the same beneficial effects but carry the same risks.