Weight Management

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Scumpia provides diagnosis, treatment and management of all types of hormonal disorders integrated with weight loss to optimize your health.

  • Weight loss is an integral part of any treatment for diabetes, high cholesterol, anti-aging and maintenance of one’s health.
  • In fact, ideal body weight and lean body composition should be called the true “fountain of youth,” since people who can maintain these parameters seem to have longevity.
  • At our clinic, we start by assessing the metabolic rate and body composition of any patient who experiences weight issues. After taking the history and physical, we carefully investigate any secondary causes of weight gain and/or inability to lose weight.
  • After a diagnosis is made, a dietician will provide careful quantification of both caloric intake and glycemic index of foods. In conjunction with recommendations by Dr. Scumpia, the patient might be referred to the supervised weight loss program, the Ideal Protein diet. In addition, a VO2 max and exercise test will be done, with recommendations by an exercise physiologist specialized to each patient.
  • The Ideal Protein Diet has been selected as the best weight loss program in North America in 2015, and has been shown to provide immense benefits to a variety of diseases, including diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and simple obesity.
  • Our clinic offers a fully integrated Ideal Protein diet under the medical supervision of Dr. Scumpia.



Can weight loss cure diabetes?

No, but it may help control Type II diabetes. If carefully done in the pre-diabetes stage, it may reduce the incidence of Type II diabetes by 50 percent.

Should I be supervised during the Ideal Protein diet?

A physician’s involvement is necessary to adjusted your medications if needed, and to ensure that you do not develop any blood abnormalities (low sodium, low potassium).

Weight loss programs may be expensive. Is there anything else I can do?

If you cannot afford a supervised diet program, careful management of weight with the help of a dietician can lead to improved health.