Dr. Scumpia says:
1. Make sure you have your thyroid checked at every physical
2. If you plan to become pregnant make sure your thyroid is checked thoroughly since there are new normal for pregnant patients. If you are taking the thyroid hormone and are pregnant , remember that the baby does not have a thyroid until week 18 of gestations and it relies on the mother until then, therefore you should be checked on a monthly basis
3. Geriatric patients might have to be on a lower dose of the thyroid hormone and the adjustments should be done with lower doses
4. Be careful in taking any iodine preparations which may interfere with the amount of hormone released in the circulation 9 kelp and seaweed )
5. Be careful with animal products since pigs have a different ratio of hormones and it might be more difficult to adjust the medication therefore there is higher potential in over or under treatment
6. Be careful with non-brand products since the concentration of the hormone may be variable
7. Even minute amounts of changing in the dose could lead to higher changes in the concentration of the thyroid hormone (logarithmic ratio )
8. Even small changes in the TSH could lead to complications of heart and bone if the thyroid is high or depression and high cholesterol if f the thyroid is low.
9. If you have a thyroid problem try to see an endocrinologist at least once to make sure that all the tests have been done and the ratio of the hormones is normal