You have Low testosterone: ” Now what? ”
Dr. Scumpia says

1. Ask your doctor to check your testosterone level if you have any of the followings ; Low libido, impotence, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, smaller size of your testicles, osteoporosis, you are under chronic pain medications, you have used steroids in the past to increase your muscle mass, alcoholism or drug abuse
2. Once you have a low T make sure you know why since low T may be caused by many factors. The most important differentiation is whether it is coming from your testicles which have ceased to function ( the true andropause ) or form your pituitary gland ( the queen mother of all glands , located by the brain )
3. It is important to know the cause since treatment may be different
4. Make sure you have a bone density tests if the low T has been diagnosed to rule out osteoporosis
5. If you decide to start treatment with testosterone, this may lower your sperm count. Ask your doctor whether conserving and freezing your sperm might be an option
6. Last but not least, do not accept to be treated if you have normal level of testosterone just to “ feel better” or to help fatigue or to build up muscles. In the absence of a true testosterone deficiency this may be dangerous and lead to serious complications